Kinshasa, Congo (Zaire) is the life and center of Africa. Despite all the rumors of safety and war in this country, the city has so much to offer its visitors, both local and foreign alike. Get to discover some of the city’s magnificent sights, its is worth it.

Go nature-tripping and have a grand adventure tour at Kinshasa’s Zongo Falls. Make sure you bring all your hiking gadgets before you start trekking. It will be so much fun and adventurous since its 90 kilometers away from Kinshasa City. Be prepared to walk over muddy terrains and walking thru the forest before getting to this wonderful paradise. Its cool waters coming out from the mountains are so inviting that you’ll find yourself splashing as the rainbow overlooks atop its shower.

Kinshasa Tourist Sights

Go boating in one of Kinshasa’s most-visited tourist destinations, Ma Vallee. It’s not easy getting there because of the road, but I tell you, you’ll never regret coming to this beautiful tourist site when you get there. It’s a lovely African lake surrounded by the equatorial forest in a fascinating setting, you’ll not even think such a place exists in the outskirts of Kinshasa. The place offers peddle boats which you can rent if you want to explore the lake. You won’t go hungry too because it has a small restaurant or snack bar to fill your hungry stomachs. Prepare your cameras because the sight itself is so inviting you will definitely enjoy watching it over and over again.

Take a peak of the city’s history by visiting Musee National de Kinshasa, also known as their National Museum. It is located in the city’s capital. Those who have an eye in the arts will awe at the sight of the Zairian art with a display of the country’s primary collection.

Of course, when you’re inside the city, you’ll want to stay in cozy hotels that will make you feel at home and at the same time give you the feel of what the city has to offer. One of the most-stayed hotels is the Hotel Invest. The hotel has spacious gardens, and a pool; you’ll even find monkeys and parrots caged in the garden. You may also want to stay at Grand Hotel Kinshasa where you get to enjoy its bar entertainment and a decent pool. There are still a wide range of hotels to choose from like Hotel Membling, Hotel Belle Vie, Hotel Fontana Inn and Cana.

Wherever you go, wherever you stay, caution must always be taken. It’s always best that you stay prepared all the time. I’m very sure, when you get to Kinshasa, Congo (Zaire), you’ll find out for yourself that despite its simple nature hides so much beauty.

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