Pictures are great reminders of travel experiences. If you keep a few things in mind before tsaking the shot, your photos may become your most valued and unique gift from your trip. For more effective photos, follow these simple travel tips:

If you are staying somewhere for several days, study the lighting during differrent times of the day. Look at places or things you want to photograph and see which time of day suits them best. Early morning and late afternoon are best for landscapes because the sun can be at your back. In the city, mid-day is good for contrasts.

camera tips

If you take pictures from a moving car, train or other vehicle, consider what it is you want to capture: the closer the object, the more blurry it will be. Avoid blurry photos by increasing shutter speed. If the subject is far away, use manual focus.

Photographing a work of art can take some work. When visiting a museum, be aware of photography policies. Many will allow you to take pictures without a flash. If so, high-speed film and a steady hand will deliver good and maybe dramatic results. For a digital camera, adjust the ISO setting to a higher value. Avoid crowds if possible. The best times are just after opening and before closing. Weekdays are usually low-traffic times.

Find out as much as possible about your destination before you leave so you will know which equipment to pack. Put all camera equipment, including digital, in a hand-held bag. To prevent unnecessary x-rays, ask for your bag to be hand-checked at airport security.